Tail Skalloto

ID image of Tail Skalloto
Name Tail Skalloto
Element Light
Lvl max 60
Star Image of 6 stars
Type Support
Race Animal
HP 9639
Attack 1214
Speed 124
Material Image of Fruit of LifeImage of Essence of Life
Splash image of Tail Skalloto
AttackAttack an enemy with 100% of ATK and block hp recovery for 1 turns
SpecialRecovers all allies HP by 55%, and increases ATK and speed by 100% for 2 turns
Cooldown: 5 turns
PassiveResist all debuff attacks with 100% chance
LeaderIncrease ATK of light attribute monsters in your party by 40%, and speed by 15%
Image of SkallImage of SkallotoImage of Tail Skalloto
SkallSkallotoTail Skalloto