Roller Beut

ID image of Roller Beut
Name Roller Beut
Element Physical
Lvl max 40
Star Image of 4 stars
Type Defense
Race Animal
HP 6264
Attack 722
Speed 88
Material Image of Brilliant SandImage of Small Seed
Splash image of Roller Beut
AttackAttack an enemy with 100% of ATK and reduce attack by 35% for 2 turns
SpecialBlocks HP recovery for all enemies for 1 turns, and paralyze all enemies for 1 turns with 85% chance
Cooldown: 4 turns
PassiveDamage received from fire monsters is reduced by 65%
LeaderReduce damage received of physical attribute monsters in your party by 24%
Image of BeutImage of Roller Beut
BeutRoller Beut