Red Flaming Homurz

ID image of Red Flaming Homurz
Name Red Flaming Homurz
Element Fire
Lvl max 50
Star Image of 5 stars
Type All-round
Race Dragon
HP 8800
Attack 1320
Speed 101
Material Image of Essence of the VolcanoImage of Fragment of Darkness
Splash image of Red Flaming Homurz
AttackAttack an enemy with 160% of ATK
SpecialAttacks all enemies with 200% of ATK, and increases received damage by 25% for 2 turns
Cooldown: 4 turns
PassiveWhen an attack is made, the enemy is bled with damage of 100% ATK for 2 turns, with 15% chance
LeaderIncrease ATK of party members by 25%
Image of HoipeeImage of HorupaImage of Red Flaming Homurz
HoipeeHorupaRed Flaming Homurz