ID image of Mio
Name Mio
Element Light
Lvl max 30
Star Image of 3 stars
Type All-round
Race Plant
HP 2712
Attack 558
Speed 103
Material Image of Powder of Life
Location Denos Forest
Adrianne Forest Road
Great Ringuire Falls
Forest of the Labyrinth
Great Rainforest of Chronoa
Monday Dungeon
Splash image of Mio
AttackAttack an enemy with 160% of ATK
SpecialAttacks an enemy with 200% of ATK, and paralyzes by 65% chance for 2 turns
Cooldown: 4 turns
LeaderIncrease speed of party members by 5%
Image of MioImage of TormioImage of Leaf Tormio
MioTormioLeaf Tormio