Leo the Flame Prince

ID image of Leo the Flame Prince
Name Leo the Flame Prince
Element Fire
Lvl max 50
Star Image of 5 stars
Type All-round
Race Animal
HP 8364
Attack 1341
Speed 92
Material Image of Fruit of LifeImage of Small Magma
Splash image of Leo the Flame Prince
AttackAttack all enemies with 95% of ATK
SpecialAll ally monsters attack an enemy 8 consecutive times with 45% of ATK
Cooldown: 3 turns
PassiveDamage received from water monsters is reduced by 65%
LeaderIncrease HP of fire attribute monsters in your party by 24%, and ATK by 24%
Image of Leo the Flame PrinceImage of Leo the King
Leo the Flame PrinceLeo the King