Kairos of the Depths

ID image of Kairos of the Depths
Name Kairos of the Depths
Element Dark
Lvl max 50
Star Image of 5 stars
Type Support
Race Dragon
HP 9675
Attack 1175
Speed 105
Material Image of Black Quartz
Splash image of Kairos of the Depths
AttackAttack an enemy with 150% of ATK and absorb 35% damage as HP
SpecialAdds the vampire status on all enemies, and increases received damage by 100% for 2 turns
Cooldown: 6 turns
PassiveWhen attacking an enemy, the enemy is poisoned with damage of 100% ATK for 2 turns with 15% chance
LeaderIncrease HP of dark attribute monsters in your party by 30%
Image of KeiImage of KaiikImage of Kairos of the Depths
KeiKaiikKairos of the Depths