Infinite Bunnygirl

ID image of Infinite Bunnygirl
Name Infinite Bunnygirl
Element Fire
Lvl max 50
Star Image of 5 stars
Type Support
Race Spirit
HP 10029
Attack 1218
Speed 103
Material Image of Brilliant SandImage of Essence of the Volcano
Splash image of Infinite Bunnygirl
AttackAttack an enemy with 100% of ATK and paralyze with 16% chance for 2 turns
SpecialRecovers all allies HP by 50%
Cooldown: 5 turns
PassiveWhen HP drop to 50%, damage received by the monster is reduced by 65%
LeaderIncrease speed of party members by 12%
Image of Infinite SalarymanImage of Infinite BoxerImage of Infinite Bunnygirl
Infinite SalarymanInfinite BoxerInfinite Bunnygirl