Ignition Bandilopu

ID image of Ignition Bandilopu
Name Ignition Bandilopu
Element Fire
Lvl max 60
Star Image of 6 stars
Type Defense
Race Spirit
HP 10477
Attack 1300
Speed 116
Material Image of Magic PowderImage of Essence of the Volcano
Splash image of Ignition Bandilopu
AttackAttack an enemy with 100% of ATK and reduce mobility by 40
SpecialRedirects enemy attacks to self for 1 turns, and recovers HP by 50%
Cooldown: 3 turns
PassiveWhen attacked by water monsters, a barrier absorbing 2700 is created
LeaderReduce damage received of party members by 24%, and HP recovery by 30%
Image of BandilopuImage of Ignition Bandilopu
BandilopuIgnition Bandilopu