Great Red Bee

ID image of Great Red Bee
Name Great Red Bee
Element Physical
Lvl max 60
Star Image of 6 stars
Type All-round
Race Mechanical
HP 9853
Attack 1532
Speed 107
Material Image of Cutting-edge PartImage of Small Magma
Splash image of Great Red Bee
AttackCauses 100% damage to the enemy, plus additionnal damage of 20% per buff, 45% of damage is absorbed as HP
SpecialRedirects enemy attacks to an ally for 1 turns, and reduces damage received by 60% for 1 turns
Cooldown: 3 turns
Passive100% accuracy for monsters's attacks; with critical damage increased by 100%
LeaderIncrease ATK of party members by 30% in the arena, and HP by 30%
Image of Red BeeImage of Red Bee ZImage of Great Red Bee
Red BeeRed Bee ZGreat Red Bee