ID image of Gastune
Name Gastune
Element Water
Lvl max 30
Star Image of 3 stars
Type Defense
Race Mechanical
HP 3900
Attack 468
Speed 83
Material Image of Worthless Scrap Metal
Location Wednesday Dungeon
Splash image of Gastune
AttackAttack all enemies with 80% of ATK and reduce mobility by 35
SpecialRedirects enemy attacks to self for 1 turns, and reduces damage received by 60% for 1 turns
Cooldown: 2 turns
Passive(CAUTION) Receive 50% additionnal damage from attacks by physical monsters
LeaderIncrease HP of water attribute monsters in your party by 30%
Image of GastuneImage of Gastune MK-2
GastuneGastune MK-2