Flat Fero

ID image of Flat Fero
Name Flat Fero
Element Dark
Lvl max 50
Star Image of 5 stars
Type Attack
Race Plant
HP 6925
Attack 1469
Speed 95
Material Image of Fragment of Life
Splash image of Flat Fero
AttackAttack an enemy with 150% of ATK and poison with 15% damage for 2 turns
SpecialAttacks an enemy with 250% of ATK, and block HP recovery for 2 turns
Cooldown: 4 turns
PassiveWhen an ally die in battle, self ATK increases by 50% and overlaps (Up to 5 max)
LeaderIncrease ATK of dark attribute monsters in your party by 30%
Image of FeroImage of Fero FeroImage of Flat Fero
FeroFero FeroFlat Fero