Firebeard Daeen

ID image of Firebeard Daeen
Name Firebeard Daeen
Element Fire
Lvl max 60
Star Image of 6 stars
Type Attack
Race Animal
HP 8380
Attack 1955
Speed 82
Material Image of Fruit of LifeImage of Essence of the Volcano
Splash image of Firebeard Daeen
AttackAttack an enemy with 100% of ATK and additional damage by 15% for 1 turns
SpecialAttacks all enemies with 200% of ATK, and increases received damage by 50% for 2 turns
Cooldown: 4 turns
PassiveMobility increases by 100 whenever an enemy monster dies
LeaderIncrease HP of fire attribute monsters in your party by 30%, and ATK by 30%
Image of DaeenImage of Firebeard Daeen
DaeenFirebeard Daeen