Fatal Crow

ID image of Fatal Crow
Name Fatal Crow
Element Physical
Lvl max 40
Star Image of 4 stars
Type Attack
Race Mechanical
HP 3923
Attack 1043
Speed 112
Material Image of Small Mechanical PartImage of Fragment of Darkness
Splash image of Fatal Crow
AttackAttack an enemy with 180% of ATK
SpecialAttacks an enemy with 200% of ATK, and deals 35% of damage dealt for 2 turns
Cooldown: 4 turns
PassiveWhen an enemy die, ATK and speed increases by 20% and overlaps (Up to 20 max)
LeaderIncrease ATK of physical attribute monsters in your party by 30%
Image of Cat CrowImage of Fatal CrowImage of Crow Thunder
Cat CrowFatal CrowCrow Thunder