Ancient Artifact

Material ID: 
ID Image of Ancient Artifact
Name Ancient Artifact
Loot location
DienosCastle of the Demon King (lvl 48)
Dragon RamRuins of Lomos (lvl 22)
+ Giant Chasm
Image of Old FragmentImage of Unknown FragmentImage of Ancient Artifact
Old FragmentUnknown FragmentAncient Artifact
Image of Magno KurotaImage of Kauztro PolitahnImage of Lovely JessirotImage of Mighty PhargarosImage of Fury FraizardImage of BenotronomImage of Flame-horned LoroacaImage of Sea Dragon King MillerImage of Shining PosphaImage of Bestrox the TerribleImage of Sepiroth of the HeavensImage of Miller the WandererImage of Iron MonkImage of Poskato of the SkyImage of NostalgiaImage of SepirothImage of TarantronomImage of Frost PrincessImage of Frost Queen