[MR NEWS] [Dragon Festival] (June 17th ~ 19th)

  • Posted on: 17 June 2016
  • By: MR-DB Team

[Dragon Festival] (June 17th ~ 19th)
Don't miss this chance to get powerful dragons!

From the Rare Capsule(Draw), the probability of Dragon tribe is increased.
- The probability of Dragon tribe : 250%
- The probability of Seven Great Dragons : 800%

[The list of seven great dragons]
- No.322 Charlos
- No.324 Dark Winged Vehrgurs
- No.326 Strong Bahamut
- No.327 Holy Nostalgia
- No.328 Flaming Ramarus
- No.329 Sepiroth of the Heavens
- No.330 Gaiik of the Dark