[MR-DB] Update note v1.5

  • Posted on: 3 August 2016
  • By: MR-DB Team

Monster Raid DB update note v1.5

-Added Giant Chasm schedule page
-Added the Giant chasm map to the list of maps
-The filter "Droppable" now also show the monsters that can be farmed through the Giant Chasm
-Added a page that lists the stages of Tower of trials (Normal mode)
-Fixed image and description when sharing a page link through Facebook, Line and others social networking websites
-Fixed some wrong values displayed in skill description and maps
-Added the management of URL filter, it is now possible to share filter (e.g. "Show me all five star monster who are Demon, Fire and attacker or tanker" => http://monsterraid-db.com/monsters-database?star=5&race=d&type=ad&elemen...)

Thank you to those who have contacted us for bugs and suggestions, it helped us a lot.
Please keep it up !

MR-DB Team